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At EFX, you can now meet your wants and needs without having to leave your home and at your most convenient time.


What We Offer

Interior Design Modeling

Space planning in interior modeling provides visual outlook of client’s future home. At EFX, it is one of our goals to help all our clients develop a highly innovative, ergonomic environment that optimizes work performance and meets every functional and budgetary concern.

Architectural and Structural Engineering

The company offers comprehensive and integrated engineering and architectural services which includes structural designing, supervision of buildings for residential, commercial, and other purposes. The EFX team not only plans to bring the best structural designs for our clients but also follows the standard procedures and policies set by the law.

Software Engineering Design

Our software engineering and user interface design process translate clients’ requirements into functional, economical and technology solutions for their business.

Systems Engineering

From concept into reality, the EFX provides its best solutions in handling complex technical or industrial setbacks. The EFX team provides holistic approach in developing systems model in order to meet our client’s goal. From industrial system design, system administration, including as well the technology security system model.

Project Service Management

Designing subdivision profiles and up to compliance of requirements were sometimes challenging albeit of our experience and exposure in service industry.