EFX Private Financing Partnership Overview

PFP is Private Financing Partnership formulated by the EFX Creative Studio  in order to implement existing projects including the future projects of the EFX.

Financing partners are key part of our daily operations. We value our partners to provide us a building block towards achieving our goals and values. We maintain good    relationships with our partners as they have confidence in our services and expertise. We provide simple, genuine  and    feasible solutions to complicated problems in society. It is through this brain storming that we make our partners have faith in our abilities which can be attested through our success in all aspects of our business.

Private Financing Partnership Contact:

EFX Creative Studio
2nd Flr. Room 207 Pineda Bldg. Rizal St. Legazpi City
Tel: (052) 481-0157
E-mail: efxcreativestudio2009@gmail.com